About me

Alex is a london based illustrator, writer and sculptor. His work is visceral and whimsical, creating elaborate detailed depictions of earthen ritual, dark folklore and forgotten horrors. His frenetic lines and beautiful depictions can be seen on band artwork, record labels and book covers alongside his own personal projects. 

His personal artwork is inspired by animal mythology, the concept of imbuing non human animals with cultural, religious and ritualistic practices, creating fantastical naturalist scenes, with much of his personal illustrations connected by stories within a single narrative. He writes and draws to create worlds so that the drawings have a substance beyond the aesthetic, by incorporating ideology and symbology to encourage the viewer to consider the connections between humans and non humans.

He is currently working on two separate narratives - "Morrow"; illustrations of a future earth and "Seek The Throat From Which We sing", illustrations based on his book of the same name. The book will be released later in 2016.

Alex runs a small fundraising project called Animal Allies, a series of shirt designs depicting his various characters with animal welfare slogans. A portion of all proceeds go to charity.

Alex is also the vocalist in a number of bands, where he creates narratives and artwork. He is currently part of ARCHIVIST, MORROW, CARNIST and ANOPHELI, and previously LIGHT BEARER and FALL OF EFRAFA